She had a baby

Thawing icy water running off; she was shaking from cold, only to look up at two strange humanoid creatures staring at her. “Screech,” she said.
They also screeched.
After a few screeches back and forth, she screamed, “The baby’s coming.” The earthlings didn’t understand English, but they soon learned what she was saying.
The baby popped out, right into the arms of a green armed, large eyed humanoid type of thing (formerly thought to be aliens). Just plop, and there it was.
These peaceful residents of earth had never seen anything like this and were fascinated, but the little light skinned, blue eyed baby was also screeching, so they gave it back to its terrified mother. The little tyke took no time to find readily available milk.
So, if you ever see a thumb sucking alien, you’ll understand—they are what we learned were the original earth humans.
This may be my worst write, so blame it on my muse for posting it.
BTW, WETue’s prompt is up, here:


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