Muddling Through Publishing, part three

This time, I’m playing with page numbers Headers and Footers. I’ll only show you what I did for Elsie and because that’s all I know for now.
Here’s what I did for Elsie. Page numbers first.

That gives you pages numbers 1, 2,3 etc, all on the top left hand side of each page. I didn’t want that, so I repeated those steps. I clicked on page 2 , hit insert and did this.
Now I have the even pages on a different side of the page. Then, wanting print at the top, I did this.
(I’m using the Twisted Shorties version because my version wasn’t formatted and I don’t want to mess up what I did for Elsie.)
Then I typed in the text. In this case, it would be “Twisted Shorties” for page one. Not really, but I could have. So on page 1, I highlighted the number 1, spaced after it and typed those words in.
That made every odd page show those words. Then I went down to page 2 and highlighted that number. Okay, those words don’t show in this picture. Bad Pam.

I clicked to the left of page two and typed in “by a bunch of Gather writers.”

This is a better print screen, but trust me, every other page says one or the other. I think that’s it for page numbering, headers and footers. Play with it, there are so many things you can do, such as leave your cover and copyright blank and have the page numbers start on page 3. Sorry, I haven’t figured that out yet and I want to get Elsie’s book published. Please send suggestions, input on your knowledge and let me know if this is at all helpful.
Next part will be the really cool dynamic Table of Contents.


2 thoughts on “Muddling Through Publishing, part three

  1. For my publisher I had to leave 3 pages blank; copyright etc.; title of the book; dedication (I supplied the text, of course). So my manuscript which was submitted started at page 4 (Contents), page 5(Preface) page 6 (poem one) etc. Well, they muddled it up, put Contents on page 4 and left page 3 blank, my Dedication nowhere. Anyway, I prefer this order: Dedication on page 4 and Preface on page 5. They fixed everything and yesterday I approved both Cover and Interior for publication. A big sigh of relief!

    You did a marvellous job with the Twisted Shorties and now for Elsie’s book. Hat off, Ma’am

    • Yee-haw. You’re on your way. Oh, I can’t take credit for publishing Twisted Shorties. A. F. Stewart did that for all of us.

      Yikers on what you’ve gone through.

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