WETues, Gross Me Out, My Courtyard

Fly Catcher
P1020827P1020826P1020824P1020800P1020852I have eyes. Click on me so that I can better see you. I have eyes. Click on me so that I can better see you.


10 thoughts on “WETues, Gross Me Out, My Courtyard

  1. Laugh? These creepy crawly’s scared me and I want a court yard, too. In Florida, we had a blue lizard that got into our screen in porch, that some call a lanai, and wouldn’t leave – he/she was a big ‘un too. Then there was the scorpion, on the side of the hot tub – same porch, which made it the last time I ever went in the thing.

    The black widows all over the back yard “should” have scared me, but as I didn’t know what they were, I torched them with my lighter and back they were the next day. I called them “red dot” spiders and nobody knew what I was talking about, including me.

    • Aw, come on, not even a little laugh. Oh, I could do without the scorpions. Been stung too many times. Most critters with red or yellow colors are generally poisonous. You got lucky and you made me laugh.

  2. Pam, your story starts quite innocently with the little birdie and flower, but then the garden hose turns into a snake! Well yes, you get a laugh from me. 😀

  3. Yike. My husband and I were talking about going to Scottsdale for a vacation. Now I am not sure. I know there is a reason that I like Minnesota so much 😉

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