Daily, she sat on a ledge overlooking the Painted Desert, pondering the beauty of nature. The colors and textures eased some of her loneliness. Yet, it wasn’t enough.

She was known for her great beautify, loving qualities and wealth, and men would come from far and wide in hopes of becoming her beau. Yet, upon their approach, as they neared her, every one of them would flee in what appeared to be terror.

Often as the winds blew her dark, thick hair, she thought it told her in a wispy breeze that he would come. Her knight in shining armor did not come, and she started doubting herself; thinking that there must be something wrong with her. It certainly could not be all those men.

She sighed, knowing that her loving pets would be her only comfort.




12 thoughts on “Tara

      • Oh, Kat/Mare, I ran out of ideas for prompts, so I told Greg that he should find someone else for WE. I just want to post once in awhile, but not be responsible as an editor.

        On the other hand, if you take it as a prompt, go for it. Write about beauty and nature’s beauty. I say that because I’m particularly fond of tarantulas.

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