WEThurs August 7, 2014: Squeamish, Centipedes

Last Thursday’s Writing Essential’s challenge was to write about what makes you squeamish. If my story makes you squeamish, I want to know all about it.
Beer, the wonderful liquid that kills my pain can be a pain. Middle of night and bladder complaining. Time to get up, take a whiz and wash my hands; always hoping I’ll stay half asleep. Not that night.

I guess everyone has issues with things that go bump in the night. Light turned on, body bumping into walls due to half closed eyes, hoping that whizzing and washing wouldn’t fully wake me, I turned on the faucet. When the centipede crawled out of the drain and I screamed… well I was fully awake.

The only thing handy was an empty beer can on the sink counter. I tried to behead it, but those devils are hard to kill. It ran back down. So I plugged the drain, determined to get some sleep.
No go. There was another one on the wall, directly above where my head would have been resting. Did I mention that centipedes were hard to kill? Needing a hammer, to the garage I went. Knocked a hole in the wall, but I killed that evil creature.

Desperately needing sleep, I climbed under covers, wiggled a lot (I’m a wiggler) and finally dozed off, only to be woken by a burning sensation in a rather delicate part of my leg.

Yep. I slept with a centipede.

Drather sleep with a centipede than a scorpion—done that way too many times.


15 thoughts on “WEThurs August 7, 2014: Squeamish, Centipedes

  1. Scorpions? Now THAT sounds like a story that I want to read!

    As regards your technique in the centipede slaughter… if it was a light beer, perhaps that’s the flaw? Something with more weight might do the trick?

    And if this humour is too lame for you, please forgive me. I haven’t had my second cup of coffee yet. 🙂

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  3. Ha! An inevitable consequence of living in nature. In my case, one of the biggest I’ve ever seen emerged from right between my bare feet while doing that late-night bladder thing.

    BTW – For whatever reason, I’m unable to “Like” articles. Something on my computer interprets it as a “click-jacking” attempt. But even clearing that results only in a blank pop-up from WordPress. ???

    • Light, for some reason I have to approve comments made by someone that hadn’t commented before. Oh well, I’m still new here on WP.

      Too bad you didn’t have a camera with you while you were going to do the bladder picture.

      Guess I’ll deal with the scary devils. I love living in the country.

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