WESat (Writing Essential, Saturday), 8/23/14 – Embarrassed

This Week’s Challenge:

Write a true story (prose or poetry) relating an embarrassing situation in which you were involved as a kid.

If any of you want to get involved in the Writing Essential group, you’ll find this challenge and others at http://writingessentialgroup.com/2014/08/23/wesat-august-23-2014-embarrassment/comment-page-1/#comment-591

Once upon a time in Pam/Transamerica Title land, at age 23, I joined a UFO tracking group. That was just before and somewhat after the Travis Walton incident near Show Low, Arizona.

Transamerica Title, aptly known fondly as Training and Transfer, housed their main office on the first two floors of the Transamerica building. The floors above that were filled with law firms. This company, one of the largest title companies in Arizona, didn’t believe in technology, so our receptionist greeted people and also ran the phone switchboard. [For you young readers, a switchboard consisted of plugs and wires. If a call came in, she would route the call to the requested party. She would also eavesdrop.]

I know I mentioned to the leader of the UFO group that I had been on TV, and I might have neglected to tell him that was in high school days. Stupid! Stupid! He picked me as the one to do an interview on Channel 5, 10:00 AM news.

On the day of the interview I took an early lunch, not telling a soul of the destination. Yikes! Never having been in a real studio, this adventure sent my blood pressure soaring. Totally forgetting anything I had knowledge of, having a gadget put on me that I was told was a mike (okay I was expecting a large mike that stood on a pedestal), I was not ready. My only comfort was knowing none of my friends would see this—they were at work.

The anchorman asked me to tell about our UFO research. I asked him what he wanted to know about. We did a little adlib—okay he did the adlib, I answered while wringing my hands. Then, due to my mind being a scared blank, started making up words.

The interview lasted hours, but finally it was over and I went back to the office. Should have called in sick—my colleagues had gone upstairs to a law firm to watch my live performance on television. Never did live down all those words I made up.


12 thoughts on “WESat (Writing Essential, Saturday), 8/23/14 – Embarrassed

  1. That is priceless, Pam, and exactly what I was hoping to read. Thank you.

    It reminds me of the one time I thought I was being interviewed on TV. Nobody told me I was supposed to be making a public service announcement. After the “interviewer” told me he wasn’t asking questions and I just had to talk, I had about three minutes to fill with no script and no idea what I was going to say next.

    Wife and I sat down after dinner that night to watch the local news (no TiVo, DVR, or even VCR in those days) and, within seconds, wife was cracking up over how dumb I sounded.

    Last time I’ve ever agreed to an interview.

      • It’s a matter of knowing your audience, Pam. As a kid saying the wrong thing might result in someone trying to beat me up. Saying the wrong thing as a Marine could result in my spending some time in prison. Saying the wrong thing in the business world could result in my being demoted or fired.

        Now? I say whatever I want. When I cross some imaginary line people just look at me and say, “Don’t worry about him. He’s one of those old guys who’s still living in the past and doesn’t know anything about the real world

  2. I finally connect with some of my good friends from Gather and you pose this kind of a challenge……………………man!

  3. I loved this: “The interview lasted hours”. Funny and educational because I just read about Travis Walton. I hate to sound like Fox Mulder, but I want to believe. But I don’t know about abuctions. Observation, yes, contact, hopefully, but what would be the purpose for an abduction? Anyway, fun story and any time you decide to share those made up words, I’m listening!

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