Discern Katon University Book One, by Andrea Pearson (A Book Review)


I have been a fan of Andrea Pearson for years; saddened when her Kilenya series ended. Now, she’s started on another series, Discern, and it’s truly captivating; still full of magic, but a totally different story.

Nicole, born with Arete powers entered college in order to learn to how to strengthen and control the powers she was born with. Even though an undergrad, she was chosen to be one of a few students to join Professor Coolidge on a mission to learn if the myths of the Agarchs and Shoggoths were in fact not myths, but the creatures still exist.

Not wanting to relate too much of this novel for fear of ruining one of the many exciting surprises, I’ll say that it’s a page turner and perfect for all ages from young adult to old people like me.

Can’t wait for the next of the series. Will she read the book that is now locked and unable to get to her? Will her not so nice mother get her hands on the book, and why does she want it? Are the leather bound papers evil or good? Is she rid of the spiders invading her apartment, and is the book responsible for those creepy insects?
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