WESun, WESat challenge response, MaadMaax Len, The Pregnant Man

Got knocked up


Boy inside
Little old me

Still smoking cigs
Still drinking beer
Cursing loud enough
For the embryo to hear

Gotta learn him good.

Baby pops out
hemorrhoids hurt
Little guy
Looks like a wrinkled turd

Not really

Sweet little guy
With a brown and a blue eye
One for his mom and one for this guy

He was swimming in beer
Cursing he would hear
What did he learn?
Nothing I fear.

His first words were
“I love you mom.”


The Challenges were: The Prompt from Sunday
Today I want you to think about the placement of the words on the page.

Study the examples. How does the typography affect the way you would read them if you were to read them out loud?

Write a poem, or take one you’ve already written. Experiment with the typography to vary the pace, emphasize certain words or phrases, even create visual puns—see the Kinnell poem or, in mine:

That link: http://writingessentialgroup.com/2014/09/21/sunwinks-september-21-2014-playing-the-field/
The prompt from Saturday: This Week’s Challenge:

Using prose or poetry, write about your own cravings when you were pregnant or about the cravings your wife/girlfriend had.

That link: http://writingessentialgroup.com/2014/09/27/wesat-september-27-2014-i-think-im-pregnant/

Writing Essential/Friday (WEFri) Calamity Pam – A Story of the West

The challenge came from Sharon’s Friday Writing Essential. It was: This week lets go to the old west. Only need three ingredients;

A saloon.
A cowboy
And a saloon girl.

Whatever you want to do with those three is up to you.

Sharon Pribble


“Why there ain’t no gamblers in here?”

“They all went to a rodeo and I’m just about to join ‘em.”

Calam Pam looked over the saloon bar only to find the location of the bartender. He was pretending to look for something down low. “Give me a whiskey, Sam.”

Sure, Calam Pam. Here’s a whole bottle. Now I got to go.” Poor Sam’s face was so white he could have been in a fairy story.

“Sam, you look like you just seen a ghost. I ain’t the cause are I?”

“Well, Calam Pam, you did shoot General Store Joe in the hand.”

“Heck, that were a accident. Bought a faulty colt pistol and wanted to buy ammo for it. Stupid gun when off when I laid it down on his counter.”

“Heard you also shot Bob Dancing in the foot.”

“That were another accident. He were prancing, I started dancing, fell down and that dang colt pistol went off.”

“Calam Pam, here’s a bottle of whiskey. I’m off to join the boys.”

[With that final note, she proceeded to get quite drunk and then got really ticked off. Heck, none of that were her fault, but she figured she’d fix things. So, she rode to the rodeo, found a nice roaring fire and threw her colt pistol in it—ticked off that it was faulty. Killed a bull when it went off.]