WESat: September 6, 2014 – Inane Questions (Did She Move In?)

The Writing Essential prompt (for Saturday) http://writingessentialgroup.com/2014/09/06/wesat-september-6-2014-inane-questions/ was: This Week’s Challenge:
Using prose or poetry, answer my list of questions, argue my answers, or make up your own list of inane questions.

The editor/prompter started off with this: My girlfriend of a couple years broke it off with me two weeks ago. I now have a new girlfriend who is “considering” moving in with me. Do I want that? How can I tell if this is going to work? I know, I’ll think of the things that have been responsible for troubles in the past and see whether new girlfriend can pass an easy test. Here are the questions that she’ll have to answer…
(My response involves a few different questions.)
Which way do you like the toilet paper roll out?
Him: From the top.
Her: From the bottom.
Do you like to cook?
Him: Sometimes.
Her: Never. The kitchen hates me.
Do you like to clean house?
Him: Never. That’s a foreign idea to me.
Her: Nothing but my toilet, assuming you have two bathrooms. You’ll have to hire a maid for everything else, including your toilet.
Do you believe in sharing?
Him: Of course.
Her: Yes. I believe in the old saying, “What’s yours is ours and what’s mine is mine.
Do you like cats?
Him: Absolutely.
Her: Good because I have four and I’ll share them with you.
The end result was that they married. She and the cats moved in with him, and they lived like a normal married couple.

She allowed him to put his toilet paper in his bathroom on the roller any way he wanted.

He did all the cooking.

She used his money to hire a maid.

He cleaned out the litter boxes daily. He also cleaned up the cat barfs. Those were the two things the maid refused to do.

19 thoughts on “WESat: September 6, 2014 – Inane Questions (Did She Move In?)

  1. She got her household well organised.
    My question regarding toilet paper would be:
    Do you want the toilet paper roll on the roller or sitting on the window-sill?
    Mine is sitting on the window-sill.

  2. Excellent. I asked for silly and that’s what you gave me. Thanks.

    Oh, the cooking thing: I do the cooking and the ONLY time you come in my kitchen is when you’re bringing me another Bud.

  3. Ha! I like the way your couple worked it out — although I prefer the toilet rolls out (no, I don’t have cats).

    Looking back at the original prompt, the cognitive scientist, Douglas Hofstadter, once suggested that the best measure of long-term romantic compatibility is probably a similar musical preference — although I’m not sure he was considering the kind of music that requires earplugs.

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